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  If you are to give your friend some advice on reducing living expense, which one of the following would you recommend and why? 如果你要给你的朋友一些关于降低生活费用的建议,你会推荐以下哪一个,为什么?

  (1) Find a roommate to split the rent 找个室友分摊房租

  (2) Don’t buy latest cellphones frequently 不要经常买最新的手机

  (3) Buy cheaper foods and cook home (don’t go to restaurants much) 买更便宜的食物回家做饭(不要经常去餐馆)


  In the contemporary abundant material world, young people can not resist the temptation of overwhelming advertisement and then often raise their costs of living to buy something unaffordable such as upmarket cosmetics, the latest electronic devices and even luxury goods, which leads to a serious phenomenon that many young people have already been plagued with debts. So, it is important for youngsters to develop a rational consumption value within their financial ability. Some people think they should not follow the trend of the latest cellphones or frequently visit restaurants. However, from my perspective, the most efficient way for my friend is to find a roommate to split the rent.


  To begin with, living with a roommate allows youngsters struggling in the metropolis to allocate an extra amount of money in healthy diet and social interactions, as it would reduce a substantial part of their income that would be otherwise distributed to the rent. A good case is my elder sister, who is an ordinary officer in Beijing. Although she earns RMB 10,000 yuan per month, she needs to pay more than a half for her small apartment. The result is that she can only survive with little deposit a year around. Nevertheless, after finding a roommate, the rent only composes of a minimal part of her income, and she could be well-dressed up and invest in more meaningful items.


  Besides, a roommate can share the financial burden with him, such as electric charge, water rate and network fee. In particular, they can share many expensive devices like Dyson hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, television and air conditioning, which are heavy burden for an individual.What’s more, when living together, they can encourage each other to keep accounts and remind each other of ceasing the use of high power appliances, which help effectively control the living expenditure. If there is no apportion of these fees, the exclusive use of network and the immovable furniture will pose an intangible waste.


  Although recruiting a roommate can help him decrease his living cost, it can also bring some potential risks. It is likely that the biological clock of his roommate disturbs his life habits. For instance, my friend is accustomed to keep early hours and prefers a quiet environment, while his roommate may often play video games at midnight and make annoying noise. Meanwhile, he could not tolerate the untidy lifestyle of his roommate, and become mad and exhausted after sweeping. Even worse, a strange roommate may steal my friend’s expensive property and then disappear stealthily.


  In a word, although it may have some potential risks, seeking a roommate is the most efficient way to enjoy a more comfortable life with less rent, because my friend can save major money of his salary, as well as share life facilities with his roommate.



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