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有效期:自购买之日起 90 天内





  • 1.1 练习1 False or False: The Question of Falsifiability & The Business of Hospitality
    1.2 练习2 A Rosie Turn on American Labor & A Moveable Street (上)
    1.3 练习3 A Moveable Street (下) & A Work in Progress: The Periodic Table
    1.4 练习4 A Wolf in Coyote Clothing & The Creation of Treasure Island
    1.5 练习5 The Pumpkin Paper & Mary Walker: A Century Ahead of Her Time
    1.6 练习6 Demystifying Digestion & Cholesterol: Friend and Foe
    1.7 练习7 The Political Power of the First Ladies & Entomophagy: A Sustainable Solution
    1.8 练习8 Poetry as a Profession & An Emerging Field Needs Standardization, Accreditation
    1.9 练习9 Whey to Go & Dark Snow
    1.10 练习10 Coworking: A Creative Solution & The Consolation of Philosophy
    1.11 练习11 Libriarians Help Navigate in the Digital Age & Tint Exhibit, Big Impact
    1.12 练习12 Environmentalist Otters & A Quick Fix in a Throwaway Culture
    1.13 练习13 Shed Some Light on the Workplace & Transforming the American West Through Food and Hospitality
    1.14 练习14 How Do You Like Those Apples? & More Than One Way to Dress a Cat
    1.15 练习15 Ghost Mural & The Hype of Healthier Organic Food
    1.16 练习16 You Are Where You Say & Creating Worlds: A Career in Game Design
    1.17 练习17 Prehistoric Printing & Thomas Nast, the Crusading Cartoonist
    1.18 练习18 Rethinking Crowdfunding in the Arts & Investigative Journalism
    1.19 练习19 A Necessary Resource for Science & A Little to the Left, but Not Too Much
    1.20 练习20 The Physician Assistant Will See You Now & Gold Into Silver
    1.21 练习21 NASA: A Space Program with Down-to-Earth Benefits & Professional Development
    1.22 练习22 The Evolution of Slow Food & Was the Hoax a Hoax?
    1.23 练习23 Compost: Dont Waste This Waste & A Lions Share of Luck
    1.24 练习24 Court Reporting: Humans v. Machines & Fire in Space